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Concepts for experts – agile, inexpensive, efficient

We have made it our business to develop lean and efficient concepts for the optimisation (tuning) of Oracle databases, which are especially adapted to the requirements of Oracle experts. In direct dialogue with experts from different companies, numerous requirements have been compiled over the last few years. The 10 most common ones form the basis for the development of the tuning concept offered here:

  • Use of predefined, standardised and highly effective analysis functions (e.g. in the form of expert scripts) to solve performance problems.
  • All analysis functions (scripts) should ideally be centrally managed and accessible via a lean GUI.
  • Flexible and quick deployability (portable and easy, quick installation)
  • Incorporation of software-based “best practices” into the analysis process (background information on the selected tuning topic can be called up at any time)
  • Automatic identification and integration of already existing analysis and tuning functions of the respective Oracle database version
  • Continuous logging of the changes made during the tuning process (among other things, to ensure audit security and compliance requirements).
  • Avoidance of an overloaded GUI, which is more misleading than supportive in crisis situations.
  • Avoidance of agent-based software tools that require costly installation and maintenance
  • Regular expert know-how transfer to maintain tuning knowledge

The concept developed on the basis of these requirements and available today consists of three components:

  1. A software component (TuTool) that has the most comprehensive, logically structured collection of expert scripts and thus provides compressed tuning know-how in a central location.
  2. A training component (tuning training) that ensures that the know-how provided in the software is used safely and efficiently (and any gaps in the experts’ knowledge can be closed)
  3. A practice-oriented know-how transfer component (tuning workshop series) that ensures that the optimisation potential present in the company databases is raised as far as possible and sustainably and that the know-how of the experts is retained.