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  • Very wide functionality.
  • Usage without any installation on client‘s hardware. It is possible to start this tool even from a memory stick practically without any performance loss.
  • Automatic adaptation to connected database version. User deals only with scripts relevant to the connected Oracle version.
  • Recording of script results. It is especially important for sql tuning, later analysis and documentation purposes.
  • Experts for performance tuning as well as DBAs and software developers can successfully use this tool, because it can be easily adapted to the user’s level.
  • TuTool doesn’t have any repository of it’s own. So it can be immediately applied to every customer’s database.
  • Graphical features based on awr, statspack repository as well as on history of active sessions are very helpful for performance tuning.
  • This program is an Eclipse based application. The working versions are developed for Windows and UNIX platforms.
  • TuTool has already been on the market for over 20 years. It was successfully applied for performance tuning of hundreds if not even thousands of databases. It is well tested and very stable.